Tyne United New Years Head 2018

Tyne United New Years Head 2016 Tyne United New Years Head 2016

Tyne United New Years Head 2018

*Please note the provisional draw is now published below.

*Crews highlighted in yellow are unpaid entries as of 6pm Tues 23rd. As the event is now closed for entries, clubs entered are liable for fees whether they choose to race or not.

*The final Draw will be published on Thursday morning minus any unpaid entries.



The Tyne United / Durham University Boat Club New Years head will take place on Saturday 27th January 2018. Racing 5km upstream on the River Tyne, Scotswood to Newburn this is a perfect run up event to the BUCS Head in February.

Division 1: 10:30 (Provisional start)

MO8+, W4s, O2x/2-

OJ8+, WJ18 4x-, WJ18 4+, OJ16 4x-, OJ16 4+, OJ2X, OJ2-

W-MAS 8+, O-MAS 4x-, O-MAS 4x+, O-MAS 4-, O-MAS 4+

Division 2 1:30pm (Provisional start)

W8+, O4s, W2x/2-

JW8+, OJ18 4x-, OJ184+, WJ16 4x-, WJ16 4+, WJ2x/2-

O-MAS 8+, W-MAS 4x-, W-MAS 4x+, W-MAS 4-, W-MAS 4+

  • Held under British Rowing Rules, BR Rules of Racing and RowSafe: a Guide to Good Practice in Rowing.
  • Crews and coxes MUST be capable of racing in challenging conditions on a tidal river.
  • Entries and payments online only on BROE and will close at 12 noon Sat 20th January 2018.
  • Entries will be limited to 65 per division for safety reasons, and time spent marshalling. 

Enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..