Tyne United New Years Head 2017

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Tyne United New Years Head 2017 - Results Published

The Tyne United / Durham University Boat Club New Years head will take place on Saturday 28th January 2017. Racing 5km upstream on the River Tyne, Scotswood to Newburn this is a perfect run up event to the BUCS Head in February.

Division 1: 10:30 (Provisional start)

MO8+, W4s, O2x/2-

OJ8+, WJ18 4x-, WJ18 4+, OJ16 4x-, OJ16 4+, OJ2X, OJ2-

W-MAS 8+, O-MAS 4x-, O-MAS 4x+, O-MAS 4-, O-MAS 4+

Division 2 1:30pm (Provisional start)

W8+, O4s, W2x/2-

JW8+, OJ18 4x-, OJ184+, WJ16 4x-, WJ16 4+, WJ2x/2-

O-MAS 8+, W-MAS 4x-, W-MAS 4x+, W-MAS 4-, W-MAS 4+

  • Held under British Rowing Rules, BR Rules of Racing and RowSafe: a Guide to Good Practice in Rowing.
  • Crews and coxes MUST be capable of racing in challenging conditions on a tidal river.
  • Boating will commence at 9:00 am
  • Entries and payments online only on BROE and will close at 12 noon Sat 21st January 2017.
  • Entries will be limited to 65 per division for safety reasons.
  • Fees: £7.50 per seat, coxes free.

Enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..